Played Wednesday 2020/7/15

As of 2020/07/15 7:46:50 AM

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12 AM

12:03:10 AM PROMO generic promo 2   Music Retrospective

12:03:26 AM AUDIO You Come (ft. Jeremy Fowler)   Vita Adam

12:07:13 AM AUDIO Miracle   Tauren Wells

12:10:55 AM CSA Christians Against Poverty 3   CAP Money

12:11:26 AM ID Website ID   1WAY FM

12:11:31 AM AUDIO Glorious   Sixteen Cities

12:14:59 AM NEW We're Gonna Be Alright   Switchfoot

12:17:46 AM ID 1WAY FM Female ID (Cold) 4   1WAY FM

12:17:47 AM GOLD The Truth   dc Talk

12:21:52 AM AUDIO Crying Under Water   Dami Im

12:25:27 AM SPOTS GNU 234   Good News Unlimited

12:26:28 AM AUDIO Ray of Light   Levi McGrath

12:30:13 AM ID Short ID 2   1WAY FM

12:30:17 AM NEW The Same Jesus   Matt Redman

12:34:05 AM AUDIO The End Is The Beginning   Cloverton

12:37:45 AM ID Suburb ID 8 Produced   1WAY FM

12:37:53 AM AUDIO Good Day   Natalie Grant

12:41:02 AM AUDIO The Saving One   Starfield

12:45:02 AM CSA #6   Greg Amos Home Truths

12:46:33 AM ID 1WAY FM 91.9 & 94.3 ID 2   1WAY FM

12:46:34 AM AUDIO Love Be The River   Finding Faith

12:49:54 AM AUDIO Kings and Queens   Audio Adrenaline

12:53:44 AM ID Short ID 6   1WAY FM

12:53:48 AM AUDIO Live Laugh Love   Sada K

12:57:14 AM AUDIO Live With Abandon   Newsboys

1 AM

1:00:29 AM PROMO 4:30am to 7pm Weekdays   Morning Teaching

1:00:58 AM AUDIO Your Name Is Power   Rend Collective

1:04:46 AM AUDIO One Drop   Plumb

1:08:16 AM ID 1WAY FM 91.9 & 94.3 ID 1   1WAY FM

1:08:20 AM AUDIO OK   Josh Wilson

1:11:57 AM AUDIO Words (ft. Bart Millard)   Hawk Nelson

1:15:13 AM CSA Free pick-up for concession card holders   Bulky Waste

1:15:27 AM ID Short ID 5   1WAY FM

1:15:29 AM AUDIO Crazy For You   Simeon

1:18:12 AM PNW His Glory Appears   Hillsong Worship

1:26:50 AM AUDIO Eye of the Storm (ft. GabeReal)   Ryan Stevenson

1:31:47 AM AUDIO Amen   for KING & COUNTRY

1:35:31 AM ID Short ID 4   1WAY FM

1:35:34 AM AUDIO Welcome Home   Brian Littrel

1:38:32 AM AUDIO Love is the Compass   Nathan Tasker

1:41:42 AM SPONSOR FTH-20191125-A-30-519557-AM55-AU (redone)  

1:42:13 AM CSA ATM1   NHW

1:42:45 AM OV-ID Overlay ID - Tune in to Life (Male)   1WAY FM

1:42:45 AM AUDIO Overwhelming   Jordan Worner

1:46:30 AM AUDIO Come Back Home   Jake Nauta

1:49:29 AM ID 1WAY FM male ID (Cold) 4   1WAY FM

1:49:30 AM GOLD Franklin Park   James Clay

1:52:15 AM PNW Peace   Young & Free

1:56:03 AM ID 1WAY FM Female ID (Cold) 2   1WAY FM

1:56:04 AM AUDIO Life Boat   Edwin Derricutt

1:59:17 AM AUDIO Remember To Remember   Steven Curtis Chapman

2 AM

2:02:45 AM ID 1WAY FM Female ID (Cold) 1   1WAY FM

2:02:46 AM AUDIO Unfinished   Mandisa

2:06:19 AM PROMO Bruce promo for Sunday 6:30am & 11pm   Tapestry

2:06:46 AM AUDIO Shattered   Blanca

2:09:57 AM PNW Amazing Grace   Citizens & Saints

2:13:51 AM CSA Lung Health Check   Lung Foundation Australia

2:14:06 AM ID Alexi from FEBC Russia   1WAY FM

2:14:12 AM AUDIO Made To Fly   Lucas Parry

2:17:48 AM AUDIO Here (ft. Morgan Harper Nichols)   Jamie Grace

2:21:10 AM JINGLE JustAMinute-Intro-247137-TH-T   Just a Minute

2:21:14 AM SPOTS 0402-0367 Jesus as Lord   Just a Minute

2:22:10 AM JINGLE JustAMinute-Outro-247137-TH-T   Just a Minute

2:22:21 AM AUDIO My Life   Lisa Page Brooks

2:25:59 AM AUDIO Just Because   Merise

2:29:48 AM ID 1WAY FM Fave and Fresh ID (male - cold)   1WAY FM

2:29:50 AM PNW Yes I Will   Vertical Worship

2:33:23 AM AUDIO In His Hands   Dan Brenmes

2:37:09 AM CSA Generic CSA   Carers Australia

2:37:40 AM OV-ID Overlay ID - 91.9 & 94.3 (Female)   1WAY FM

2:37:40 AM GOLD Name Above All Names   Chuck Girard

2:42:11 AM PNW Behold The Lamb Of God   Matt Roberts

2:46:10 AM ID 1WAY FM male ID (Cold) 2   1WAY FM

2:46:11 AM GOLD Sing Your Praise To The Lord   Amy Grant

2:49:25 AM AUDIO It's Over Now   Sons Of Korah

2:53:59 AM ID 1WAY FM male ID (Cold) 1   1WAY FM

2:54:00 AM AUDIO Esther   Esterlyn

2:58:01 AM GOLD Long Road To Glory   Steve Grace

3 AM

3:01:50 AM CSA Macular Degeneration   MD Foundation

3:02:21 AM OV-ID Short ID 4 - Overlay   1WAY FM

3:02:22 AM GOLD Count The Cost   David Meece

3:05:07 AM AUDIO White Owl   Josh Garrels

3:10:54 AM PROMO 1WAY FM News Promo   Vision National News

3:11:31 AM AUDIO A Prayer   The Blind Boys Of Alabama

3:14:59 AM AUDIO Even Unto Death   Audrey Assad

3:19:30 AM SPOTS Barry Grosser (please number)  

3:20:29 AM ID Short ID 1   1WAY FM


3:23:46 AM AUDIO White As Snow   Jon Foreman

3:27:53 AM ID Tune into Life   1WAY FM

3:27:55 AM AUDIO Liquid (acoustic)   Jars Of Clay

3:31:29 AM AUDIO With Every Breath   Leigh Nash & Dan Haseltine

3:36:30 AM ID Short ID 5   1WAY FM

3:36:32 AM AUDIO Jesus Loves Me   Matt Lucas

3:40:07 AM PNW Behold Our God   Sovereign Grace Music

3:45:29 AM CSA Become a Sports Chaplain   Sports Chaplaincy

3:46:00 AM ID Suburb ID 8 Produced   1WAY FM

3:46:08 AM GOLD Brighten My Heart   Sixpence None The Richer

3:50:39 AM PNW Psalm 96   Emu Music

3:53:48 AM ID 1WAY FM 91.9 & 94.3 ID 2   1WAY FM

3:53:50 AM AUDIO Psalm 59   Sons Of Korah

4 AM

4:03:56 AM AUDIO There Is a Fountain Filled With Blood   Nathan Tasker

4:08:24 AM ID Suburb ID 7 Produced   1WAY FM

4:08:32 AM AUDIO Blue Skies   Elisa Kate

4:12:19 AM SPOTS Dinosaur_Extinction_UK   Creation spots 2015


4:15:02 AM PNW Sunday Came   Garage Hymnal

4:19:44 AM SPONSOR Sale of Property   Irwin Property

4:20:15 AM CSA Guide dogs V2   Guide dogs

4:20:46 AM ID Inspiring Teaching ID (Male)   1WAY FM

4:20:49 AM AUDIO Love Song For A Savior (acoustic)   Jars Of Clay

4:25:31 AM AUDIO A Mother's Love (feat. Jim Brickman)   Mark Masri

4:28:51 AM ID Listen Anywhere ID   1WAY FM

4:29:01 AM AUDIO Psalm 137 -Babylon   Sons Of Korah

Gap of maybe 26 minutes.

5 AM

5:00:19 AM ID 1WAY FM 91.9 & 94.3 ID 3   1WAY FM

Gap of maybe 19 minutes.

5:19:34 AM ID Dami 1WAY FM ID 2014   Dami Im

5:19:37 AM NEW Every Need   Anna Waters

5:23:39 AM PNW Come Thou Fount   MercyMe

5:28:34 AM PROMO promo - male upbeat   1WAY Home

5:28:41 AM SPONSOR Distance Education   St Marks Theological Centre

5:29:11 AM ID Sharing Faith, Bringing Hope ID   1WAY FM MFVO

Gap of maybe 25 minutes.

5:53:50 AM ID 1WAY FM male ID (Cold) 1   1WAY FM

5:53:51 AM AUDIO Share the Love   Levi McGrath

5:57:09 AM ID 1WAY FM 91.9 & 94.3 ID 4   1WAY FM

5:57:16 AM AUDIO Restore   Chris August

6 AM

6:01:07 AM JINGLE News Theme   1WAY FM

6:05:15 AM PROMO Wednesdays 8pm - v1   Aussie Grown

6:05:50 AM AUDIO FOTF25_AUS_D 15-07-20  

6:30:49 AM ID 1WAY FM Female ID (Cold) 1   1WAY FM

6:30:50 AM CSA COVID-19 Energy Support   Energy & Water Ombudsman NSW

6:31:22 AM ID CBAA Codes of Practice   1WAY FM

Gap of maybe 14 minutes.

6:46:13 AM ID Station ID Upbeat female 1-Way-Fm-Liners   Station ID Upbeat

6:46:18 AM AUDIO You Hold It All (Every Mountain)   Newsboys

6:55:32 AM NEW Love God, Love People   Danny Gokey

6:58:38 AM ID Station ID NEW Upbeat1-Way-Fm   Station ID Upbeat

6:58:44 AM AUDIO My Life   Branan Murphy

7 AM

7:02:08 AM JINGLE News Theme   1WAY FM

7:06:14 AM SPONSOR FTH-20191125-B-30-519961-AM19-DG  

7:06:44 AM ID 1WAY FM ID   Alyssa & Georga ID

7:06:48 AM AUDIO Resurrection   Discovery Music

7:10:45 AM AUDIO Masterpiece (ft. Lecrae)   Tori Kelly

7:15:26 AM PROMO promo for Sundays 10pm   Bigger Questions

7:15:54 AM GOLD Smellin' Coffee   Chris Rice

7:19:41 AM JINGLE Family Minute   Intro

7:19:46 AM AUDIO FOTF_JUN20_BR_276 Make Your Wi  

7:20:47 AM NEW See The Light   tobyMac

7:24:13 AM AUDIO Run the Race   Holly Starr

7:27:37 AM ID Brekky ID   Nathan Tasker ID

7:27:41 AM AUDIO Good News   Mandisa

7:30:31 AM AUDIO Faithful   Hawk Nelson

7:34:31 AM SPONSOR CBM Branding   Christian Blind Mission

7:35:02 AM CSA Mothers of Preschoolers - Ps Peter Shurley   MOPS Australia

7:35:32 AM JINGLE News Theme   1WAY FM

7:36:38 AM ID Aussie Christian Music ID (COLDslow)   Aussie Christian Music ID (coldslow)

7:36:43 AM NEW Glorify   Jordan Feliz

7:39:36 AM AUDIO Testify (ft. Crowder)   Social Club Misfits

7:43:11 AM SPOTS Tania Harris #83   God Conversations with Tania Harris

7:44:32 AM ID 1WAY FM male ID (Cold) 4   1WAY FM

7:44:33 AM AUDIO Drive Away (Radio Edit)   The Sundance Kids