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12 AM

12:01:54 AM PROMO Holbo & K-man promo 1   1WAY Brekky

12:02:13 AM AUDIO Soul On Fire   Third Day

12:05:27 AM AUDIO Defender (Neon Feather Remix)   Francesca Battistelli

12:08:33 AM CSA Mothers of Preschoolers - Ps Peter Shurley   MOPS Australia

12:09:03 AM XMAS-ID Joy to the World   Merry Christmas - David Lee

12:09:23 AM XMAS O' Come O' Come Emmanuel   House of Heroes

12:13:17 AM AUDIO Rescue   Lauren Daigle

12:16:47 AM ID Aussie Christian Music (m)  

12:16:52 AM AUDIO Come To the Cross   Michael W Smith

12:20:51 AM XMAS-NEW We Wish You a Merry Remix   The Reids

12:24:12 AM SPOTS GNU 188   Good News Unlimited

12:25:13 AM AUDIO My Story   Big Daddy Weave

12:29:51 AM ID Short ID 6   1WAY FM

12:29:54 AM AUDIO We Will Not Be Moved   C3 Church Carlingford

12:33:27 AM XMAS Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas   Kevin Max & Michael Tait

12:37:44 AM ID 1WAY FM male ID (Cold) 4   1WAY FM

12:37:45 AM AUDIO More Than Conquerors   Rend Collective

12:41:14 AM GOLD Hands And Feet   Audio Adrenaline

12:45:14 AM CSA volunteer at Bargain Hunter   Anglicare

12:45:33 AM XMAS-ID Christmas Message   Sue Mitchell

12:46:09 AM XMAS River   Sixpence None The Richer

12:50:04 AM AUDIO Tales of the Desert   Brittany Cairns

12:53:38 AM ID 1WAY FM Fave and Fresh ID (male - cold)   1WAY FM

12:53:41 AM AUDIO I Have This Hope   Tenth Avenue North

12:57:02 AM XMAS-NEW Born in Bethlehem   Forsaken Hero

1 AM

1:00:12 AM SPONSOR Conference Centres   Youthworks

1:00:43 AM PROMO promo Sundays 3:30pm   Heroes of the Faith

1:01:09 AM AUDIO There is Love   Finding Faith

1:04:34 AM XMAS Baby Boy   For KING & COUNTRY

1:08:13 AM XMAS-ID Greensleeves :30   Neville Message

1:08:26 AM AUDIO Song In My Soul (ft. Hollyn)   Phil Wickham

1:12:11 AM AUDIO Be One   Natalie Grant

1:15:19 AM CSA Macular Degeneration   MD Foundation

1:15:50 AM ID 1WAY FM Fave and Fresh ID (male)   1WAY FM

1:15:55 AM XMAS-NEW Joy To The World   Hillsong Worship

1:19:33 AM AUDIO Made To Fly   Lucas Parry

1:23:09 AM AUDIO   PP_191212

1:28:27 AM AUDIO Control   Jasmine Murray

1:31:30 AM XMAS Oh Come, Oh Come, Emmanuel!   The Sing Team

1:34:28 AM SPONSOR ChrSup010719b_30_SUPER DUPER SUPER  

1:39:13 AM AUDIO I Wanna Go Back   David Dunn

1:43:00 AM CSA Warren   Leukaemia Foundation

1:43:30 AM XMAS-ID CHOP Christmas Message   Dr Hillary

1:43:44 AM XMAS-NEW This Christmas   Chris Sebastian

1:46:28 AM AUDIO You Carry Me   Moriah Peters

1:49:26 AM ID Website ID MC   1WAY FM

1:49:29 AM GOLD My Heart Goes Out   Warren Barfield

1:52:46 AM XMAS Born to Die   Bebo Norman

1:56:19 AM ID 1WAY FM male ID (Cold) 2   1WAY FM

1:56:20 AM PNW Good Grace   UNITED

2 AM

2:00:19 AM XMAS-ID Music Retrospective Christmas Message   David Webb


2:03:39 AM PROMO promo for 8am Sundays   Message from a Pastor

2:04:07 AM AUDIO Who We Are   Switchfoot

2:07:09 AM AUDIO Burdens   Jamie Kimmett

2:10:55 AM CSA Christians Against Poverty 1   CAP Money

2:11:21 AM ID 1WAY FM 91.9 & 94.3 ID 1   1WAY FM

2:11:25 AM XMAS O Little Town Of Bethlehem   Rebecca St. James

2:15:22 AM AUDIO Never Say Never   The Fray

2:19:37 AM JINGLE JustAMinute-Intro-247137-TH-T   Just a Minute

2:19:41 AM SPOTS 0306-0271 Lost and Found   Just a Minute

2:20:37 AM JINGLE JustAMinute-Outro-247137-TH-T   Just a Minute

2:20:48 AM AUDIO Jesus Take The Wheel   Carrie Underwood

2:24:24 AM XMAS-NEW Go Tell it on the Mountain (ft. Jason Gray)   Carrollton

2:27:08 AM XMAS-ID Christmas Message   Allan Davis

2:27:25 AM AUDIO Lead Me   Sanctus Real

2:31:08 AM AUDIO Holding Me Still   Elle Limebear

2:34:42 AM CSA FoodHut Appeal   NationsHeart

2:35:13 AM SPONSOR Property-Investment-Store-SOUND-MIX-508477--PK   Property Investment Store

2:35:43 AM ID 1WAY FM 91.9 & 94.3 ID 2   1WAY FM


2:40:00 AM GOLD Concert Of The Age   Phillips, Craig & Dean

2:44:17 AM SPONSOR 1-Way-Fm-SCRIPT-1-489185-AM19-DG   1WAY FM

2:44:47 AM ID Short ID 4   1WAY FM


2:48:54 AM XMAS Away In A Manger   Scat

2:51:11 AM ID 1WAY FM male ID (Cold) 3   1WAY FM

2:51:12 AM AUDIO Psalm 137 -Babylon   Sons Of Korah

2:56:09 AM AUDIO White As Snow   Jon Foreman

3 AM

3:00:15 AM CSA Helping families   Deaf Children Australia

3:00:45 AM PROMO KOB_promo2015   KOB promo F

3:00:58 AM GOLD Everyman   Rich Mullins

3:06:00 AM XMAS Silent Night   Casting Crowns

3:09:25 AM XMAS-ID Momentum Canberra Christmas Message   Ps Mark Warren

3:09:46 AM GOLD Jesu Joy Of Man's Desiring   Sir Harry Secombe

3:13:21 AM SPOTS Barry Grosser 32  

3:14:17 AM AUDIO Wonders (ft. Janet O'Sullivan)   Tim Oksanen

3:17:09 AM ID 1WAY FM Female ID (Cold) 2   1WAY FM


3:19:11 AM AUDIO Oh Give Thanks (Psalm 107)   Wendell Kimbrough

3:23:44 AM ID CBAA Codes of Practice   1WAY FM

3:24:06 AM AUDIO Esther   Esterlyn


3:30:56 AM PROMO 1WAY FM News Promo   Vision National News

3:31:33 AM AUDIO Not Far Away   Levi McGrath

3:34:59 AM AUDIO Amazing Grace   Jars of Clay

3:40:14 AM CSA Scary Bones   Garvan Institute of Medical Research

3:40:45 AM XMAS-ID Impact Church Christmas Message   Ps Russell

3:41:07 AM XMAS Hark! The Herald Angles Sing   St Michaels Singers

3:44:13 AM GOLD Grace   U2

3:49:39 AM ID Fran from Banks (General)   1WAY FM Listener ID

3:49:42 AM AUDIO Identity   Rachel Thorne

3:54:29 AM XMAS The Wexford Carol   Moya Brennan

3:58:05 AM ID 1WAY FM Female ID (Cold) 3   1WAY FM

3:58:06 AM AUDIO Psalm 130 -More than the watchman   Sons Of Korah

4 AM

4:04:55 AM PNW You Are My King (Amazing Love)   Christy Nockels

4:10:17 AM XMAS-ID Female Sleigh Bells   1WAY FM - Merry Christmas

4:10:21 AM XMAS O Come All Ye Faithful / Gloria   Marina Prior, Roma Waterman & Melbourne Gospel Choir

4:15:11 AM SPOTS Mud_and_the_Flood_UK   Creation spots 2015

4:16:11 AM AUDIO Light As A Bird   Melissa Otto

4:18:54 AM AUDIO I've Got A Right To Praise The Lord   The Johnny Thompson Singers

4:23:06 AM CSA Guide Dogs - Service   Guide Dogs

4:23:37 AM ID station ident   1WAY FM ID - for KING & COUNTRY

4:23:43 AM XMAS O Holy Night (O Night Divine)   Rend Collective

4:28:46 AM AUDIO Everyone Needs a Little   Kari Jobe

4:32:08 AM ID Short ID 2   1WAY FM

Gap of maybe 28 minutes.

5 AM

5:00:04 AM ID Listen Anywhere ID   1WAY FM

Gap of maybe 19 minutes.

5:18:54 AM XMAS-ID Christmas Greeting   Charlie


5:23:06 AM PNW Waymaker (ft. Vanessa Campagna)   Michael W. Smith

5:27:00 AM PROMO promo - male upbeat   1WAY Home

5:27:08 AM SPONSOR   Capital Healing Rooms

5:27:38 AM SPONSOR AnglicarePantryAppealSponsor.wav   Anglicare

5:28:10 AM ID 1WAY FM 91.9 & 94.3 ID 4   1WAY FM

Gap of maybe 25 minutes.

5:52:48 AM XMAS-ID COLD   1WAY FM Merry Christmas (Male)

5:52:50 AM XMAS Joy To The World   Steven Curtis Chapman

5:55:59 AM ID 1WAY FM male ID (Cold) 3   1WAY FM

5:56:00 AM AUDIO Limitless   Colton Dixon

5:59:51 AM AUDIO Let There Be Light   Third Day

6 AM

6:03:28 AM JINGLE News Theme   1WAY FM

6:07:34 AM SPONSOR   Road to Bethlehem Sponsorship

6:08:04 AM ID Station ID NEW Upbeat1-Way-Fm   Station ID Upbeat

6:08:10 AM AUDIO FOTF25_AUS_D 12-12-19  

6:33:16 AM XMAS-ID All That Jazz & Blues Christmas Message 1   1WAY FM - Nev

6:33:31 AM XMAS For Unto Us A Child Is Born/Open The Eyes Of My Heart   Paul Baloche

6:36:53 AM SPONSOR   Capital Healing Rooms

6:37:23 AM SPONSOR St-Mark-s-GENERIC-484989-AF12-BM  

6:37:53 AM CSA CSA 2   Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

6:38:23 AM PROMO generic promo 3   Music Retrospective

Gap of maybe 14 minutes.

6:53:09 AM ID Short ID 4   1WAY FM

6:53:11 AM AUDIO God of All My Days   Casting Crowns

6:58:54 AM XMAS-NEW Angels We Have Heard On High   Sarah Reeves

7 AM

7:02:12 AM JINGLE News Theme   1WAY FM

7:06:32 AM CSA B   Sport Chaplaincy

7:07:02 AM JINGLE Weather Jingle   1WAY FM

7:07:49 AM JINGLE 1wayfm Traffic No Sponsor   1wayfm Traffic No Sponsor

7:08:15 AM JINGLE Opener & Bed (This Christmas)   Take Away Hunger Day

7:09:23 AM AUDIO Miracle   Unspoken

7:12:00 AM XMAS-ID The 12 Days..   1WAY FM - Merry Christmas

7:12:15 AM XMAS-NEW The First Noel (Born Is The King)   YoungHeart

7:20:19 AM GOLD Smellin' Coffee   Chris Rice

7:24:06 AM JINGLE Family Minute   Intro

7:25:13 AM ID Short ID 1   1WAY FM

7:31:48 AM NEW Come Alive   Hillsong Worship

7:36:09 AM APPEAL Sweeper 1   Take Away Hunger Day

7:36:30 AM JINGLE News Theme   1WAY FM

7:37:38 AM JINGLE Opener & Bed (This Christmas)   Take Away Hunger Day