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12 AM

12:05 AM Echo (ft. Tauren Wells) Elevation Worship

12:05 AM Known Tauren Wells

12:11 AM Someday OneRepublic

12:11 AM Dear Younger Me MercyMe

12:15 AM My Light Colton Dixon

12:17 AM Your Love Is a Song Switchfoot

12:21 AM Sanctuary Abby Robertson

12:26 AM Prodigal ( Run to You ) Kevin Max

12:30 AM Known Seen Loved MORIAH

12:33 AM

12:34 AM Keep it Beating Curt Anderson

12:37 AM Pray India Dupriez

12:41 AM Start a Fire Unspoken

12:44 AM

12:45 AM The Sweetest Sound (ft. Ike Ndolo) Village Lights

12:48 AM Never Alone (ft. Kirk Franklin) Tori Kelly

12:52 AM Invisible Leeland

12:56 AM Holy Water We The Kingdom

1 AM

1:00 AM Pieces Chris August

1:04 AM

1:05 AM Love God, Love People Danny Gokey

1:08 AM Be The Change Britt Nicole

1:12 AM What If Matthew West

1:15 AM Love Will Always Win Travis Greene

1:19 AM

1:20 AM Something Beautiful NEEDTOBREATHE

1:23 AM Let Your Face Shine House of Peace

1:31 AM Live Laugh Love Sada K

1:34 AM Soul Worth Saving Apollo LTD

1:38 AM

1:39 AM How I Hear You Brian Weaver

1:43 AM Exhale Plumb

1:46 AM

1:47 AM I See Grace Micah Tyler

1:50 AM Good Day Natalie Grant

1:54 AM Breathing Lifehouse

1:58 AM This is the Day Tim Timmons

2 AM

2:01 AM

2:09 AM Running To You Namirajj

2:14 AM One U2

2:18 AM Watching Over You Matt Lucas

2:24 AM See Me Through It Brandon Heath

2:26 AM Made to Love (AC with fade) tobyMac

2:30 AM

2:30 AM

2:30 AM Battle Is The Lord's (ft. Brandon Lake) Rebecca St. James

2:34 AM For All My Life TAYA

2:47 AM Psalm 30 -Garments Of Joy Sons of Korah

2:53 AM Christ Of Hope Michelle Tumes

2:57 AM More Than Icecream Roma Waterman

3 AM

3:01 AM

3:02 AM GIVE IT UP Avalon

3:05 AM Carry Me To The Cross Kutless

3:09 AM For The Common Good Peter Kearney

3:13 AM Safe to Say Playjerise

3:16 AM Here I Am To Worship Michael W. Smith

3:21 AM Rock Of Ages Page CXVI

3:26 AM Overcome Jeremy Camp

3:30 AM

3:31 AM Your Will Be Done (Acoustic) CityAlight

3:35 AM New Scars Heal Nalini Tranquim

3:39 AM Please Be My Strength Gungor

3:49 AM Psalm 59 Sons of Korah

3:57 AM He Watches Over You SANDI PATTY amp; BEBE WINANS

4 AM

4:12 AM Have Faith In God (Reprise) Geoff Bullock featuring the MCrarys

4:13 AM Much Afraid Jars of Clay

4:18 AM By Thy Mercy Indelible Grace

4:24 AM See the Man Emu Music

4:29 AM

4:56 AM Psalm 24 -Lift up your heads Sons of Korah

4:59 AM My Eyes Are Dry Anna Waters

5 AM

5:02 AM

5:24 AM Amen Steven Curtis Chapman

5:29 AM See A Victory Elevation Worship

5:57 AM Until Grace (ft. Rascal Flatts) Tauren Wells

6 AM

6:01 AM Legends The Afters

6:08 AM

6:49 AM Satisfied Stars Go Dim

7 AM

7:06 AM

7:11 AM Diamonds Hawk Nelson

7:16 AM Who You Are Caedmon's Call

7:19 AM

7:20 AM Help is on the Way Unspoken

7:25 AM Now It's Our Turn We Are Messengers

7:28 AM Always Owl City

7:33 AM

7:33 AM

7:36 AM My Tribe Blessing Offor

7:39 AM Walk On Water (ft. Melodie Wagner) Family Force 5

7:43 AM I Will Find You (ft. Lecrae) Jimmy Needham

7:47 AM

7:48 AM Born Ready Coby James

7:51 AM Zion SOFYKA

7:55 AM Mountaintop Relient K

7:58 AM [wonder working] All Creatures

8 AM

8:07 AM I Believe It Now Sidewalk Prophets

8:11 AM That Thank You Song! Citizen Way

8:16 AM Gloria U2

8:20 AM

8:20 AM

8:35 AM Show Up Choose Love (ft. Jon Reddick) tobyMac

8:39 AM Pray (ft. Aaron Cole) Sam Rivera

8:43 AM White Noise (ft. Chris Howland) CASS

8:48 AM Run Apollo LTD

8:50 AM

8:51 AM Fill My Cup Andrew Ripp

8:55 AM Make a Difference Danny Gokey

8:58 AM Hands Held High New Hope Oahu

9 AM

9:07 AM We Will Not Be Moved C3 Church Carlingford

9:11 AM Testify to Love Avalon

9:18 AM Hold On Matt Lucas

9:22 AM Love Song (ft. Elle Limebear) One Sonic Society

9:30 AM Coming Out Fighting Rend Collective

9:33 AM

9:34 AM DIRTY Audio Adrenaline

9:39 AM Keep Looking Up (ft. Joe L Barnes) Britt Nicole

9:43 AM Everything It Seems Karen Durand

9:47 AM Good Feeling Austin French

9:50 AM

9:50 AM Wonderful Jump5

9:57 AM My Light Colton Dixon

9:59 AM Even If MercyMe

10 AM

10:08 AM

10:09 AM Fearless Jasmine Murray

10:13 AM Joy Invincible (ft. Jenn Johnson) Switchfoot

10:21 AM Don't Give Up (AC Mix) Sanctus Real

10:25 AM

10:25 AM

10:26 AM Church Evvie Mckinney

10:30 AM Hope In Front of Me Danny Gokey

10:34 AM

10:35 AM Higher Bella Taylor Smith

10:39 AM Shine SALVADOR

10:43 AM Can't Take Away Jeremy Camp

10:51 AM

10:52 AM

10:52 AM Drown (ft. John Legend) Lecrae

11 AM

11:01 AM The Older I Get Skillet

11:08 AM

11:10 AM All About Jesus TAYA

11:12 AM Sing Glory Cody Collier

11:20 AM Prodigal (ft. Benji) Madison Ryann Ward

11:24 AM Basic Instructions BURLAP TO CASHMERE

11:31 AM Don't Lose Heart Steven Curtis Chapman

11:35 AM Meant to Be JJ Heller

11:41 AM Shimmers Of Who You Are Evan Brent Downing

11:44 AM I'm Letting Go Francesca Battistelli

11:48 AM Path sunny.

11:51 AM

11:51 AM

11:52 AM In Your Presence Mel Crothers

11:59 AM On My Way (ft. Christon Gray) Paige Jer

12 PM

12:06 PM

12:25 PM Cast Your Burdens Sanctuary Band

12:28 PM Father Branan Murphy

12:32 PM Gravity Delirious?

12:35 PM Sweet Ever After (ft. Bear Rinehart) Ellie Holcomb

12:42 PM Stay Lisa Grace

12:46 PM

12:46 PM

12:47 PM Thank You Stan Walker

12:51 PM Older Alexander Pappas

12:55 PM That Thank You Song! Citizen Way

12:58 PM Glory Defined Building 429

1 PM

1:06 PM 10,000 Reasons Matt Redman

1:15 PM 10,000 Reasons Matt Redman

1:16 PM Up (ft. Erica Campbell) Tauren Wells

1:18 PM This I Believe (The Creed) Hillsong Worship

1:30 PM This I Believe (The Creed) Hillsong Worship

1:30 PM

1:31 PM Love Is Everything We Need Unspoken

1:34 PM Another in the Fire UNITED TAYA

1:45 PM Another in the Fire UNITED TAYA

1:47 PM Sunday TREE 63

1:50 PM Psalm 23 James Morrison Emma Pask Neil Gough

1:58 PM Psalm 23 James Morrison Emma Pask Neil Gough

2 PM

2:04 PM Chosen Sidewalk Prophets

2:07 PM I SURRENDER Hillsong Church

2:15 PM I SURRENDER Hillsong Church

2:18 PM Run Apollo LTD

2:21 PM If I Ever Needed Grace Jimmy Needham

2:31 PM If I Ever Needed Grace Jimmy Needham

2:54 PM Live The Life Michael W. Smith

2:59 PM

3 PM

3:04 PM

3:04 PM I'm Down The Almost

3:08 PM Horizon (A New Day) (Stereovision Remix) tobyMac

3:14 PM Keep Looking Up (ft. Joe L Barnes) Britt Nicole

3:17 PM

3:18 PM All Good (ft. Capital Kings) Hollyn

3:21 PM Not My Style (R3HAB Remix) Sarah Reeves

3:23 PM All About Jesus TAYA

3:26 PM Joy Of The Lord Rend Collective

3:32 PM On Our Way (ft. Sam Wesley) MercyMe

3:35 PM Aquí Estoy Elevation Rhythm

3:39 PM IT'S BEGINNING TODAY Alabaster Box

3:42 PM

3:42 PM

3:43 PM interrobang Switchfoot

3:47 PM Neon Sign The Royal Royal

3:50 PM River Of Life Mac Powell

3:53 PM Forever On Your Side NEEDTOBREATHE

3:57 PM What Freedom Feels Like Cody Carnes

4 PM

4:00 PM Bulletproof Citizen Way

4:08 PM

4:09 PM Can't Take Away Jeremy Camp

4:13 PM Here (ft. Morgan Harper Nichols) Jamie Grace

4:16 PM How Could I Be Silent Caitie Hurst

4:21 PM Make a Difference Danny Gokey

4:24 PM Hold On Justin Bieber

4:26 PM Standing on the Mountain Simeon

4:30 PM Next Generation SVRCINA

4:33 PM

4:40 PM Now It's Our Turn We Are Messengers

4:44 PM Grace Alone City On A Hill

4:49 PM Rooftops Kurtis Hoppie

4:52 PM No Greater Love The Color

4:56 PM Dominoes Fr Rob Galea

5 PM

5:04 PM

5:06 PM Path sunny.

5:11 PM Song In My Soul (ft. Hollyn) Phil Wickham

5:14 PM I've Got Joy CeCe Winans

5:18 PM Loss For Words Michael Tait

5:24 PM Still Mighty Leeland